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 NEW! 53 Weeks of SAFETY

OSHA’s current standards contain over 100 requirements for safety training. It is recommended that frequent and targeted safety and health training be implemented to reduce work-related injuries and illnesses on the plant floor.
Polytron has answered the call from manufacturers to develop a product to help them facilitate quality safety training at the plant floor level.


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Grounded in years of workforce development and training for manufacturing, Polytron’s 53 Weeks of SAFETY provides an effective training product to support your plant’s facilitators by educating and empowering them to exhibit safety and health expertise, and use sound instructional skills to advocate for safer working conditions.

53 Weeks of SAFETY delivers easy to use 5-minute Daily Safety Discussions, with topics, to help workers learn how to:
  • Identify the safety and health problems in the workplace;
  • Analyze the causes of these safety and health problems;
  • Bring about safer, healthier workplaces; and
  • Involve co-workers in accomplishing all of the above.


How to use 53 weeks tutorial
Facilitating made simple
These Line Lead tools are designed to be used for a shift-change safety meeting. The product provides the Leads with a consistent tool to hold 5 minute safety discussions at the start of each shift, or a 15-30 start-to-finish safety meeting once a week (depending on topic and facilitator).
Each downloadable packet includes:
  • One (1) front/back Information Handout that includes a case study and activity
  • One (1) page Lead Notes – talking points (topic guide notes)
  • One (1) 8.5X11 Reference/Reminder Poster for the day (or week, depending on the series topics)


How to Use 53 Weeks

53 Weeks of Safety Sample

53 Weeks of Safety Discussion Sign-In Sheet

53 Weeks of Safety Tracking Spreadsheet – Sample

53 Weeks of Safety Tracking Spreadsheet



Client Feedback

  • “The visual and flow of the material is good and easy to follow.”

  • “Information is great, thorough and detailed enough to layout reasons for PPE (hearing protection).”

  • “Love the poster idea to be posted in the cafeteria for that week’s topic. That is the area our workers spend most of the time to read and check out information. The cover poster will ignite interest.”

  • “Activity and Case Study are excellent. Might be time efficient to even have a Safety Team Member actually run the activity and report the finding on a different day referencing the OSHA chart.”

  • ” I recommend creating more on other safety topics.”

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